Earlier this month, two men were found guilty of fly-tipping after they left an old air conditioning unit on a country road last year.

Air conditioning equipment needs to be properly disposed of. It’s certainly not biodegradable, and it can contain refrigerants that can be harmful to the environment and to people. If you’re caught fly-tipping then you’re likely to have to pay a fine, but the bigger picture is really something to think about.

No professional air conditioning engineer will dispose of your old AC unit by leaving it at the side of the road. Air conditioning equipment can be taken to a local waste centre, or can be recycled safely. Bulky waste collections may be another way to get your old AC equipment taken from your home or workplace.

If your air conditioning unit has reached the end of its working life, and you’d like it to be removed and disposed of, then why not give us a call? If you’re struggling with air conditioning disposal then we can help you to find the best solution, and if you need a new AC unit to replace your old one then we can also talk you through your options for new air conditioning installation.

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