Welcome to 2016! Back at the turn of the millennium, 2016 seemed like the distant future when we’d be using flying cars and hoverboards. Our transport options aren’t that advanced, but our air conditioning technology has been developing dramatically over the past decade or two.

Automation is the name of the game. We’ve talked lots in our blog about smart air conditioning, and how you can control your AC unit using a smartphone app from anywhere in the world, but would you prefer complete automation?

More Than a Thermostat

Don’t think of automated air conditioning units just as AC units that are fitted with a timer or thermostat. With the right equipment, your air conditioning could instead be equipped to notice when you walk in the door, and to power up automatically. Alternatively, it can be linked to your phone so that the air conditioning starts to work when you’re 15 minutes away from your front door, and driving your usual route home. The potential is incredible, and just as importantly it’s now more affordable than people expect.

No Need to Buy New

In many cases, you can buy retrofit kits to add new technologies to your existing air conditioning unit, if you don’t want to shell out for all new equipment. If you’ve recently bought a new AC unit and decide that you want to have a more automated system, then it’s possible to add movement monitors that will turn the AC on and off when you enter or leave the room, or you can add a ‘smart’ computer that allows you to control your air conditioning from your phone.

If you’re interesting in adding a bit of ‘the future technology of today’ to your air conditioning system, then why not speak to a Coolbreeze engineer? We’ll be happy to show you what your air conditioning can do with a few small tweaks.

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