Office air conditioning can be a touchy subject. Some employees expect it, some employers see it as a luxury. Some employees want cooler temperatures, whilst others would prefer their working environment to be warmer.

Employers and building managers in charge of AC units might have to listen to these comments from staff members, that’s all okay as long as the end result is maximum happiness, maximum health and maximum working efficiency.

What about when your AC unit isn’t working as it should be?

In many office environments, money is being thrown away. An air conditioning unit that isn’t regularly maintained and serviced won’t be as efficient or effective as one that is, which means that it’ll be working harder or doing less whilst running up an even bigger energy bill.

Is your AC a waste of money if people are complaining that they’re too cold?

Not at all! First, check to see what the consensus is. You can always increase the temperature slightly, if everyone is saying the same. If they’re not, look at getting thermostats that control different zones – that way, at least you can keep more of your employees comfortable.

The position of desks might be having an impact, so check to see who is complaining and where they’re sitting. Those closest to air vents will be getting the initial blast of cold air before it spreads throughout the room, which means that the solution could be as simple as moving those individuals or adding a diffuser to the air vent.

If you do need to add diffusers, or you’d like more information about how to make the most of your air conditioning without throwing money away, then contact us in the Coolbreeze office on 01772 793 827.

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