We are passionate about what we do! Passionate about HVAC and Renewable energies…

It’s more than just a job to us. Our business provides a 1st rate service and over time we have grown from a couple of teams working from home to a team of over 20 people working from our modern showroom and offices in Preston.

We have Dave, Tom, Michael and Andy our directors who are all passionate and experienced in what they do, these guys work in the office directing the business and on-site managing our projects.

Then we have our engineers, these guys are passionate about their work, when asked what it is they love about their jobs they told us they love working at Coolbreeze because they get to do a job that they love and that they have input about the work they do and that their opinions matter.Then we have our apprentice engineers, the future of Coolbreeze. Our apprentices get to travel the country working in a job that they love, whilst at the same time learning a trade which will serve them well in their futures. Throughout the company we all have the same aim, to provide a quality service for our clients that is first rate. Our engineers are dedicated to providing a quality service, which is strengthened with every project we undertake. Here at Coolbreeze we love to meet new clients and most of our work comes from recommendations, so if you are interested, pop in to our showroom and take a look at the new technologies in air conditioning and renewable energies.