We’re enjoying the warmer weather and the first signs that summer is on its way. The daffodils are in bloom, the bees are buzzing and the flooded fields around Preston are finally drying out.

If you haven’t used your air conditioning unit much over the winter months, you’ll probably be putting it back through its paces quite soon. Here are four signs that you should look out for when you start it up again, to show that it’s time for a professional check:

The cooling isn’t effective…

If your AC unit isn’t cooling as well as it should be, then something needs to be changed. It might require a simple recalibration – even moving furniture can affect your air conditioning – but may need to be properly repaired. Alternatively, cleaning could be the answer! There are a lot of possibilities, all of which a member of the Coolbreeze team can help with.

There’s too much noise…

Your air conditioning unit shouldn’t be so loud that it’s a distraction or constantly noticeable. Some AC units are naturally louder than others, but if you feel that yours is too loud then AC repair or maintenance could be necessary to improve the situation.

There’s a leak…

When you switch your air conditioner on, look out for signs of leaks such as dripping liquid or surrounding moisture. Your AC unit contains refrigerants which might leak if there’s damage, and this is something that needs to be identified and fixed immediately. Refrigerant leaks have to be dealt with by professionals like our Coolbreeze engineers, because they can be a hazard to your health.

01772 793 837 is the number to call for air conditioning checks, repair and maintenance now that warmer weather is finally on its way.

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